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DAO Governance x Atala PRISM - By MuesliSwap


Current governance solutions require a utility token for balancing voting power. DIDs could instead be used to ensure no one votes twice. This also opens new possibilities regarding vote weighting.


We will integrate Atala PRISM DID into custom on- & off-chain voting systems (incl. development of SCs, BE, FE) that can be used for treasury management and protocol parameter update mechanisms.

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The MuesliSwap Team consists of a diverse group of highly skilled individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the project. Here are the key team members and their respective roles:

  1. Project Lead: The Project Lead oversees the entire project, ensuring effective coordination, communication, and alignment with the project's goals and objectives. They provide strategic direction and ensure the successful execution of the project.
  2. Backend Developers: Our team includes experienced backend developers who specialise in Cardano and blockchain development in general. They are responsible for developing and implementing the off-chain backend infrastructure for interaction with the smart contract.
  3. Frontend Developers: Furthermore, we have skilled frontend developers with expertise in Cardano and blockchain development. Their role will be to design and develop the user interfaces and frontend components of our governance platform, e.g. interactive features for on-chain voting, and displaying treasury management functionalities.
  4. Smart Contract Developers: We have dedicated smart contract developers who focus on the development, testing, deployment, and internal audits of the required smart contracts. They ensure the integrity, security, and reliability of the whole smart contract infrastructure.
  5. Project Manager: The Project Manager oversees the day-to-day operations, manages timelines, resources, and budget, and ensures effective project execution. They are responsible for coordinating team members, monitoring progress, and mitigating risks to ensure project success.

Each team member brings their unique skills and expertise to their respective roles, working collaboratively to deliver the project with high levels of proficiency and efficiency. Together, the MuesliSwap Team is well-equipped to drive the project forward and achieve its objectives.

MuesliSwap Team
MuesliSwap Team