The voting period has now concluded and the results are in, thank you to all who took part. The selected projects will now be onboarded. For more information on how to validate the voting results please check this guide.

F12 total so far

The voting results have been tallied, and the phase of project onboarding is just around the corner!

Total funds requested
$21,313,282 Converted in USD at the time of fund launch.
Distributed: ₳0
Remaining: ₳46,484,802
In Progress
To be completed
Idea Journey

See how an idea comes to life within Project Catalyst. Below you can see the main stages that propel Catalyst forward. To dive into the full expanded timeline and deadlines - make sure to visit this Gitbook page for the most up to date information.

Please keep in mind that dates are subject to change due to the dynamic nature of the program. Make sure to follow official announcements to stay up to date (telegram or X).

Proposal submissionApr 29 - May 13Community reviewMay 23 - Jun 20Community votingJun 27 - Jul 11Voting resultsWeek of Jul 15Project onboardingMid Jul - Aug

F12 Proposals

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