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NEWM x Sick City - The Record Store Music Collectibles 2.0


Music collectibles empower artists, but remain very nuanced. The lack of knowledge on the artist side combined with an unfriendly UX creates a lot of friction in the artist-listener connection.


The solution: Updating the UX/UI of and adding an Artist Success Service to guide artists through launching their music, and the benefits of utilizing Web3 for music distribution.

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Lead Project Team:

Florian Sorg, Co-Founder/CEO | NEWM

Founder, accountant and venture capitalist with more than 15 years of professional experience in growing and leading teams. His journey started when he founded his coaching company for SME Middle Management during university. After a successful exit, he moved on to a large accounting firm (NDA) where he participated in the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements, according to HGB (GCC) and IFRS and in the audit of group reporting packages in accordance with IFRS and US-GAAP. With this experience, drive and curiosity for innovation, he moved on to be a part of the venture capital world where he was in charge of the software and deep-tech investments of a Swiss Single LP venture fund due to his technology background (Studies in Microsystem Technology). After a couple of years, he moved into more operational experience and decided to help startups as CFO/COO, resulting in his role at NEWM.

Jimmy Londo, Founder/Curator | Sick City

Jimmy AKA Sick City, is a DIY punk rocker from Cleveland, OH. As the founder of Sick City, his work involves creating solutions for artists and content creators using the power of web3. Since 2021, Jimmy has been developing on Cardano with many different projects and artists from around the world.

Adam Bloom

Musician by trade, entrepreneur by spirit. Based in New York, Adam is an independent artist and music-tech startup veteran having worked in rights management and licensing with hundreds of record labels, music publishers, artist management companies, film studios and other creative agencies. Get in touch if you are a technology provider wanting to partner, a music or creative entity, or an artist looking to expand from Web2 to Web3.

Michael Carter

Also known as the artist Mikey Mo the MC, Michael Carter brings over 15 years of music industry and sales management background to the ART. Residing in Phoenix, he's a true artist advocate with experiential navigation skills when it comes to helping artists thrive in the web3 music space.

Mitchell McCain

Mitchell ‘Abyss’ McCain is a Bay Area native who has spent his entire life immersed in the worlds of Hip Hop and Technology. An Artist, Producer and Founder of Moodswingz Muzik - a web3 music collective that's bringing the Culture to the Blockchain. He has over 20 years of Learning Management System Administrator experience.

Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones
Alex Vavourakis
Alex Vavourakis
Tiziana Pittini
Tiziana Pittini
Florian Pittini
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