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NMKR currently does not have an SDK for Unity.


We will create a Unity package that is a wrapper of the NMKR API in order to create more integrated minting experiences.

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Steven Yang

Steven comes from a software development background working at Fortune 50 media companies. He also has led several technical teams in creating projects in emerging technologies.

[Responsibility: Software Engineer]

Kevin Mowers

Kevin has virtual reality experience specializing in interactive user immersion and system design. His work ranges in industries from media experiences to eCommerce.

[Responsibility: Lead Software Engineer]

Jimmy Sambuo

Jimmy has spent the last decade building and maintaining systems for Fortune 500 companies. He has experience in various systems including web, mobile, cloud, and gaming.

[Responsibility: Software Engineer]

Matthew Sears

Matthew has led the product for multiple creative platforms. He also has extensive experience in ideation, storytelling, design, development and implementation of virtual experiences.

[Responsibility: Product Management]

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