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Cardano Asia TikTok Channel (Expand to Japan 🇯🇵 and Vietnam 🇻🇳)


Understanding Cardano Ecosystem's news and technical documents is challenging for non-English speakers because of technical complexity, language barriers, frequent updates, and time consumption


Keeping Fund 9 promise, the Cardano TikTok channel gained 100k+ followers/interactions since the launch.

We now convert key Cardano content into TikTok videos available in Vietnamese and Japanese

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This is the total amount allocated to Cardano Asia TikTok Channel (Expand to Japan 🇯🇵 and Vietnam 🇻🇳). 1 out of 3 milestones are complete

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Distributed: ₳33,333
Remaining: ₳36,513
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  1. Mr.Buck Nguyen - Marketing Manager - English Translator. Project lead
  • Founder of Cardano Asia TikTok (Funded Project Fund 9)

  • Model Manager of Grab Kitchen (cloud kitchen concept), with more than 5 years of experience with UFLP Unilever Vietnam.
  • Long-term experience in community building and online marketing.
  • Joined Catalyst as PA, vPA, Funded Proposer.
  • 5 years of research experience in Cardano blockchain.
  • Telegram:
  • Linked In:
  • Admin of 2 large Cardano groups in Vietnam.

1. "Vietnam ADA Cardano Community": >5000 members

2. "Cardano ADA Vietnam": >47,000 members

2.Ms. Ha Nguyen – Japanese Interpreter and Translator

  • An experienced businessman in the field of e-commerce business, exchanging goods and services on Marketplaces.
  • Five years of experience in business management and project management.
  • Deputy head of the corporate planning department, new business model development department in the Japanese companies
  • Gained Blockchain Business Consultant certificate issued by Emurgo Academy.
  • SPO PRO39 Pool
  • Joined Catalyst as PA (Good: 91%, Excellent: 6%), vPA, Sponsored Proposer.
  • Connecting the Vietnamese and Japanese communities and the international community.
  • Be an active member of the Vietnamese and Japanese communities
  • Moderators of the following Facebook groups:

1. "Vietnam ADA Cardano Community": >5000 members

2. "Cardano ADA Vietnam": >47,000 members

  • Telegram:

3.Ms.Alyssa - KOL content speaker

  • One year as Personal Assistant of the CEO of The Herb Land Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Managed all sales channels (e-commerce), including Shopee and Facebook.
  • Completed legal documents to become a Shopee Mall seller within two weeks.
  • Provided guidance and managed personnel using Omisell system (the multi-channel sales management system)
  • Developed a communication plan for major sales campaigns to drive sales revenue.
  • Founder of Fairy Library Project
  • Completed R&D phrase (buyer's and user's insight, Research paper)
  • Made the Master plan and Workflow for the project
  • Managed Resources (people and finance) and connected core team
  • The third prize in The Humanities Start-Up Contest 2023
  • Linked In:

4 Ms. Y Nguyen - TikTok Supervisor

5. Ms. Hana Nguyen - TikTok Supervisor

  • 3 years of Marketing experience, E-payment, and social media platforms.
  • Experience in blockchain financial research and investment since 2021
  • 5 years of Experience in Project management
  • Telegram:

6.Ms. Hannah Content translation leaad.

  • Founder of a Cardano Community (46,000 members)
  • One year of experience in operating a stake pool (SPO)
  • Experience in blockchain financial research and investment since 2017
  • Blockchain product and market research specialist
  • Telegram:

7.Ms. Diem: Japanese interpreter, translator

Experience: (please see related certification in attached file)

  • 8 years of Japanese translation experience
  • 8 years working in a Japanese company
  • Japanese language ability N2
  • Fluent in English.

8.Mr. Igarashi (Japanese): expert in editing, editing English-Japanese, Vietnamese- Japanese translations. Our advisor

  • 5 years of experience in translating and interpreting, editing translations.
  • Currently working in a large corporation in Japan.
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen