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Cardano For the M₳sses - Japanese Book


Knowledge of Cardano is mainly in English. So it is difficult for the Japanese who want to learn about Cardano, affecting Cardano's ability to reach new users.


Publish the book “Cardano For the M₳sses” in the Japanese version to help the Japanese understand Cardano better and attract more newcomers.

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Our team will collaborate with the translation and editing company to complete this project. Below are the details of the core team members who will be accountable for overseeing and managing project progress and budget.

1. Ha Nguyen - Project Manager

  • Five years of experience in business management and project management.
  • Deputy head of the corporate planning department, new business model development department in the Japanese companies
  • Gained Blockchain Business Consultant certificate issued by Emurgo Academy.
  • Joined Catalyst as PA (Good: 91%, Excellent: 6%), vPA, Sponsored Proposer.
  • Passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1
  • Participated in many document translation projects about Cardano, Catalyst: Vcoincheck, Cardano Library
  • Connecting the Vietnamese and Japanese communities and the international community.
  • Be an active member of the Vietnamese and Japanese communities
  • Moderators of the following Facebook groups:

*"Vietnam ADA Cardano Community": >5000 members

*"Cardano ADA Vietnam": >47,000 members


2. Mr. Yuta-Translation Correction Team Manager

  • Managing the translation checking team (nine people) check the translation of this book.
  • Cardano Ambassador and Catalyst proposer with Cardano knowledge. 
  • Mr.Yuta has also lived in Japan for 30 years and is fluent in Japanese. 

3. Mr. Iga - Translation Team Manager

  • More than 20 years of experience in finance and credit-related companies
  • Twenty years of experience in investing in financial markets: securities, forex, cryptocurrency
  • Currently working at a Japanese corporation in finance, commerce, and real estate.
  • Participated in blockchain, Cardano, and Catalyst document translation projects.
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen