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Cardano Ghana Community.


The Cardano community in Ghana is increasing growing since 2021. However, there is no local community to house these members making access to information difficult for most of the community members.


To create an online community for Cardano innovators and newbies in Ghana to drive Cardano adoption and community growth, via; Content creation, translation, Cardano meetups and Community management.

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Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu - Project Lead:

Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu is an advocate for Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Ghana, with 5 years of experience hosting crypto events; educating, onboarding newbies and engaging crypto users for mass adoption and enhanced use cases. He is a hub leader at Wada Ghana (, Catalyst Fund9 Fundrd Proposer (FP)& Proposal Assessor (PA), Fund8 & Fund9 Challenge Team (CT) Lead for Grow Africa, Grow Cardano challenge category. Also, a Cardano Ambassador, hosting Cardano meetups and community-led events at the Cardano Summit with the Cardano Foundation since 2021. He is also a hub leader at WADA, a global grassroots movement, that aims to educate local merchants, developers and users about the blockchain technology and economy behind cryptocurrencies and Cardano, as well as how to efficiently utilize them. He also runs a private cryptocurrency startup called the Chosen FinTech Solutions, where he educates and empowers hundreds of Ghanaians to adopt cryptocurrency and fintech solutions for an inclusive and freer financial future.

He is a passionate libertarian and National Coordinator for Ghana at the African Students for Liberty. He manages over 5 student chapters in 5 universities in Ghana where local leaders of these chapters are trained and supported with resources to host a local meetup on their campuses to advance classical liberal ideas such as financial liberty, economic freedom, free markets, drugs wars, injustice, media freedom and tech liberty.

For over five (5) years, he has organized more than 35 physical cryptocurrency events and about 15 virtual meetups in Ghana on Cardano blockchain and other blockchain. Mustapha remains at the forefront of blockchain education in Ghana and Africa, increasing the adoption of crypto on the continent through educational campaigns and local meetups. Just recently, he joined the Cardano blockchain as an Ambassador and hosted a local meetup to commemorate the Cardano Summit 2021 slated held on September 25 – 26, 2021, mainly to provide training on crypto fundamentals, practical tutorials on how to set up a crypto account - and buy & sell crypto, technical analysis and avoiding scams. Thereafter, he has organised already up to Cardano meetups in Ghana with close to 300 audience outreach. He has rich experience working with schools and students, especially at events due to his strong leadership skills and managerial competence in leading people and managing projects.

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Discord: mustapha#7312

Wada team in Ghana - will reach out to some members in the Wada community in Ghana to assist in establishing the Ghana community, mobilising members and getting resources to empower community members and activities. more about Wada at

Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu
Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu