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Cardano Hub Surabaya and Cardano Workshop Jakarta


There isn’t any space Hub in Indonesia that can connect people, real businesses to Cardano chain in Indonesia. Increase in real use cases and new understanding that integrate to Cardano Blockchain.


We will provide space to meet regularly that can connect professional, entrepreneur, and educator to have interest in Web3 specially in Cardano Blockchain.

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₳ 45,088
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Distributed: ₳ 36,070
Remaining: ₳ 9,018
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Team Member role:
  • Fanny
  • Coordinating activities at the Jakarta Hub and Surabaya Hub.
  • Connect Hub activities with possible partnerships obtained by the team
  • Coordinating the entire series of events with possible events held by the government, associations, and web communities 3
  • Preparing for the needs of the Jakarta Hub and the Surabaya Hub
  • Manage cash flow from the fund for all hub activities
  • Make a close-out report every month
  • Caliburn
  • He is a very passionate person in Cardano and wants to build and maintain relationships for people to have an easier implementation in Web3. One of the Co-Host of Cardano Summit 2022, Speakers in Cardano Indonesia Jakarta Workshop. Caliburn keeps building the Cardano community through offline meetups, Twitter spaces, and youtube. 
  • He will manage the community in the Surabaya Hub. To connect and help advise people and professionals who want to implement their real-world business to Web3. Will connect them to the right person, for the better of business. 
  • Randy Lie
  • Manage weekly content telegram group to engage the online member of Cardano Workshop Jakarta
  • Outreach potential direction from the community
  • Prepared the topic discussions
  • Actively seek possible partnerships with external communities
  • Felix
  • As a YouTuber, He will have tons of experience in marketing. Felix will try to attract more people to the Hub. With his connection and experience, it will make the hub more interesting to professionals. 
  • He will post and promote the hub weekly and also will mention Cardano Surabaya Hub on his youtube, TikTok, and Instagram channels to have more exposure.
Moderator supports & Guest possibility:
  • Key Actors and Influencers from social media
  • Blockchain Association Indonesia
  • Multiple Exchanges from our team members' network
  • Cross-chain collaboration from our team members' network
  • Local media on web3 from our team members' network
  • Cardano Stake Pool Brada from our team members' network
  • Sena project from our team members' network 
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Cardano Indonesia