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Cardano Summit 2023 NFT Hoodies - Verifiable Ownership Of Real World Merch


Cardano Summit 2023 is taking place in Dubai. There are currently no brands which are offering products for this event that provide verifiable ownership using Cardano technology.


Our team will create custom merchandise for participants of the Cardano Summit 2023 which can be verified and authenticated with a Cardano NFT.

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Pritesh Gosai - Kaizen Crypto

Pritesh is a long-time Cardano community member who has been contributing to the ecosystem since 2017. He began creating educational content for the Cardano ecosystem in 2019 and has operated Kaizen stakepools since the Incentivized Testnet. Since then, he has gone on to create one of the most well established brands in the Cardano community with a Youtube channel that has over 1M views and 30k subscribers. He operates several stakepools and contributes to charity in India and Sri Lanka with operator rewards from Krishna stakepool. The Kaizen Crypto brand is now supported by several community members who span across the entire globe to continue the ethos of continuous improvement for Cardano. The Kaizen Crypto team has previously been funded through Catalyst for Lovelace Saga, Cardano Calendar, and the Cardano 101 Course.

Pritesh Gosai
Pritesh Gosai