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Cardano Woman Indonesia


The issue of less women participation in Cardano ecosystem and growth of the economy of women and ADA economy by learning.


Cardano Women Indonesia (CWI) Initiative emerged from the idea and discussion on Cardano Women Global and engaged in a space called “ community” designated for women. Focus for local people.

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  1. Core Team for Cardano Indonesia & Team member Eastern Hemisphere Town Hall
  2. General Secretary of the Bandung Institute of Technology Alumni Association for The Master of Business and Administration study program
  3. Expertise: Business Development and Financial Specialist in W2 and Web3 Industry and Community Engagement. 
  1. Master of Art, American Literature, American Society and Culture, Cross Cultural Student.
  2. Regional Sales Administrator at British American Tobacco 
  3. Expertise: Publication and Translation for a national journal by students & alumni
  1. One of the leaders of the Connect group or cell group, part of the Mawar Sharon church program.
  2. Beauty Entrepreneur, Founder Beauty Shop
  3. Expertise: Social Media Engagement for Instagram Channels
  1. Children's clothing store employee at the Market
  2. Expertise: Engagement People in Tradisional system
  1. Professional Midwifery
  2. Expertise: Design Graphic and Video Editor
Fanny Wijaya
Fanny Wijaya