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Catalyst Africa Town Hall Operations


Lack of funding for the Catalyst Africa Town Hall, hindering its ability to sustain and enhance the bi-weekly meetings and provide valuable resources for the Cardano community in Africa.


Seek funding from Cardano Catalyst Project fund 10 to sustain and enhance the Catalyst Africa Town Hall, ensuring valuable resources for the bi-weekly meetings and fostering Cardano growth in Africa.

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Afia Owusu: A member of Wada community and Hub lead for Ghana, Active Cardano and Catalyst Community Member since Fund 6, Coordinator of Catalyst Africa Town Hall (CATH) and Catalyst Africa School. Has been a CA since F7 and a vCA in F8. Afia holds an MSc degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Lancaster, UK, and a BSC. (Hons) in Natural Resources Management, University of Science and Technology (UST), Kumasi, Ghana. Afia is a Ghanaian, and currently exploring new areas of sustainable development including Blockchain Education. Her interest is to educate and create awareness in communities to improve livelihood options among local people.

Role: Coordinator

Telegram: @AfiaAOwusu

Daniel is currently the President of FinTech and Blockchain Society at the University of Aberdeen and also Cardano Ambassador. He was a Host for the Cardano Summit 2022. He is currently acting as the Community Manager and Regional Integration for the Catalyst Africa Town Hall.

He is the Co-host at the Catalyst Africa School. Projects Manager for Cardano Peer Education (A Catalyst funded project to educate students about blockchain and how to guide students and bring their innovative ideas to be funded on Idea-scale. 

He was a Community Advisor in Catalyst fund 7 and Catalyst Challenge Team Lead for ‘Scale-UP Cardano’s Community Hubs’ challenge settings for fund 8. Daniel envisioned using Blockchain Technology to bridge the gap between human capabilities and machine learning (AI & IoT) in developing countries.

Role: Community Manager and Regional Integration CATH

Telegram: :@ddlezu

Twitter: @ddlezu

Ubio Obu: CEO of RemoStart, A Blockchain Researcher and an AI expert and researcher with 4 years of experience in developing ML models. He has product management experience and has managed products that are in Agriculture, IoT, health, app development, etc. He has experience working with a range of tech stacks and has about 6 research publications in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His wide experience in tech development makes him ideal for the product management position in this solution. Successfully implemented a fund 9 awarded proposal. He will be in charge of coordinating with faculties and mentors for this project. He is a catalyst Facilitator collective member, organized the CIP-1694 Lagos event, was an African town hall coordinator, and was a moderator at the SingularityNet Deepfunding2 Pitchfest.

Role: Community Manager - Nigeria

Discord: Ubiodee#9502 

Boaz: A graduate in environment and sustainable development, this person assumes the role of team leader at the Goma Wada Hub and serves as a stake pool manager. His deep fascination with blockchain technology motivates his enthusiasm to actively participate in the captivating journey of Cardano. Additionally, he contributed as a co-proposer in F8 and F9, fulfilling the role of a NFT project coordinator in F9, and serving as a challenge team member in F10. And he is onboarding youth from Goma City in DR Congo on blockchain in general and Cardano in particular translating content in French. From March 2023 he is working on an analysis document for African stake pools. 


Role: French Community Manager


Discord: Bboaz#5475

Richmond Oppong: Richmond is a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in a variety of design disciplines, including logo design, print and poster design, business card design, 3D signage, and advertising and marketing. He holds a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design from Takoradi Polytechnic in Ghana. He is also a member of the Wada community and the Design and Marketing Lead.

Richmond is a blockchain enthusiast and is actively involved in the Cardano project catalyst community. He was a Community Advisor in Catalyst funds 5 to 9, and a Veteran Community Advisor in funds 8 and 9. He was also a member of the Catalyst Challenge Team for the "Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs" challenge in fund 8. He is currently a member of the Catalyst Challenge Team for the "Startups & Onboarding for Students" challenge.

Role: Design and Marketing lead

Twitter: @cardanoholious

Catalyst Africa Town Hall
Catalyst Africa Town Hall