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[Fimi] Cardanotalk for Vietnamese


In Vietnam, there is no forum for the community to share knowledge and news. The Cardano Vietnam community has no environment to discuss any questions about the excitement and quality of Cardano.


Building an online exchange channel to promote the discussion and interaction of the community: Information exchange, discussion, and sharing of knowledge about Cardano.

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1. Do Manh Hung

  • Capacity: Master of Finance. Project management. Cardano community manager of Vietnam. Blockchain research from 2015. Plutus Pioneer. Programmer. Influence and inspire the coach. Fimi's main lecturer. As a direct translation of many videos of Charles Hoskinson, IOG, and documents related to Haskell, Plutus, and Marlowe programming language.
  • Tasks: Project management, building content updates and topics of Cardano, main speakers.

2. Do Viet Cuong

  • Capacity: Master-High school teacher. Blockchain research from 2017. Certificate of CBCA (Certificate ID: 6491554124AEF68319023C7E). Community development, Cardano community manager of Vietnam. Content creator and video producer. Participated in the implementation and completed the proposal to be granted capital in Fund 7.
  • Tasks: Project manager. Marketing sharing, organizing, and supporting video production of sharing sessions. Project progress report.

3. Coreteam group

  • Capacity: These are active members of the Cardano Vietnam community focused on the addiction to Blockchain technology and its application of it. Each group has about 10 to 20 members, many people have been managing the project proposed to be granted capital from Fund 6 until now.
  • Tasks: co-speakers, answering the questions of the community.
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