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MLabs - Browser-based Wallet for Developers & Testers


Testing Cardano dApps utilizing CIP-30 is a tedious process because of the need to interact with browser wallets. Wallet interfaces are hard to mock, and reproducing wallet state is nearly impossible.


We propose creating a light wallet targeted at developers, testers and power users. It will provide unique features missing in mainstream wallets.

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MLabs has quickly become one of the premier development firms in the Cardano Ecosystem. We are an IOG Plutus Partner and work regularly with IOG to develop the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. Our team is composed of talented developers who have helped build community projects such as:

  • Liqwid
  • SundaeSwap
  • Minswap
  • Optim
  • Many others

Through our work with early-stage projects, we have one of the largest groups of Haskell/Plutus developers in the community.


The team

Vladimir Kalnitsky - Tech leadership

Vladimir is a software developer with a number of contributions to the PureScript ecosystem and solid experience with Haskell. During his undergraduate years, Vladimir focused on functional programming and type theory. Vladimir is more of a 'hacker' than a scientist, but he still values formal reasoning about code and well-founded software development practices.

Dzmitry Shuiski - PureScript Development

Dzmitry is an experienced software engineer, currently developing solutions using functional programming techniques, mostly using PureScript and Haskell. Coming from a background in iOS App Development, he is well-versed in various aspects of developing robust and user-centric systems. Dzmitry has made considerable contributions to CTL in the past and is now primarily focused on Cardano dApp development. He is currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering and Management at the Graz University of Technology to deepen his knowledge in more fundamental disciplines.