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OpShin Core - Developing Python Smart Contracts


Writing Smart Contracts on Cardano in Plutus/Haskell is difficult. Alternatives like OpShin (Python) are not well funded and currently have no dedicated developers pushing the project forward.


By hiring a part time developer, the OpShin project can make progress in the desired pace such that it will truly enable onboarding of new developers into the ecosystem.

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Niels Mündler aka nielstron is well-known in the Cardano Community. He has co-founded the MuesliSwap DEX and gave birth to the programming language OpShin. His background is computer science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

In the OpShin team, he is taking over the role of Founder, CTO and CEO, running the whole thing as a one-man show.

He is supported by Julius Frost, Boston U graduate and working in the ML field, who created the opshin pioneer program and is a highly experienced Python developer. He is a frequent contributer and maintainer and helps assessing the quality of submitted issues and PRs.