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Plug-and-play Smart Contract API: a game-changing platform to deploy open-source contracts instantly


Lack of platforms for deploying smart contracts hinders developers from deploying dApps, limiting the adoption of Web3. Unlock the new wave of Web3 adoption by deploying smart contracts with no code.


Ready-to-deploy smart contract APIs to run composable and reusable contracts without worrying about on/off-chain code. Get access to a library of open-source contracts and unleash your imagination 

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The collaboration between Anastasia Labs and Maestro creates a powerful synergy.

Anastasia Labs with its deep expertise in contract development and proficiency in developing SDKs and on the other hand, Maestro’s core strength lies in providing robust infrastructure that is essential for deploying smart contracts as a service, empowering developers to focus on building scalable and useful web3 applications

Anastasia Labs

Philip DiSarro

Compiler & Programming Language Research

Philip is a Computer Science Graduate School Student specializing in Compiler Development & Programming Language Theory. He was one of the first developers to formally verify smart contracts in Cardano using Agda. Philip was the lead architect of many features (both live and upcoming) on WingRiders DEX. Philip has also made significant contributions to the Cardano developer ecosystem. As a co-chair of the IOHK developer experience working group he worked to identify and resolve pain points that DApp developers experience in Cardano, and had an integral role in getting Lucid & Plutus Simple Model included in the Plutus Pioneer Program. He is a blockchain consultant & educational lecturer for Emurgo. Many know him as the primary instructor for the Cardano Solutions Architect course. 

Philip is currently the lead smart contract developer at Ikigai Technologies, a consultant and lecturer for Emurgo and a founder of Anastasia Labs.

His previous experience includes:

  • WingRiders - Lead Smart Contract Developer
  • Agora - open-source contributor
  • Plutarch - Liqwid-Extra - open-source contributor
  • Plaid - FinTech Software Engineer

Philip is responsible for creating the design pattern documentation, implementing the Plutarch wrapper library, and maintaining them to reflect advancements in the developer ecosystem such as new efficiency tricks or design patterns.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Functional Programming & TypeScript SDKs

Jonathan is a highly skilled smart contract developer specializing in Cardano, a blockchain technology that he is deeply passionate about.

His passion in smart contract development drives him to constantly polish his technical knowledge. In the pursuit of that knowledge he obtained the following certifications: Cardano Solution Architect, Cardano Developer Professional, and Associate Certificate.

With an extensive background in Haskell development, which is a critical language for Cardano, he possesses a thorough understanding of functional programming concepts.

His expertise extends to various aspects of the Cardano ecosystem, including the Cardano Toolchain, Transaction Structure, Plutus Smart Contracts, Native Tokens, DApp Connector, and other essential components. 


Marvin Bertin

Marvin co-founded Maestro, a Cardano infrastructure provider and dApp development platform. He also co-founded Genius Yield, an advanced order-book DEX on Cardano. Marvin's background is in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Before getting into blockchain, he spent years working in a biotech developing early cancer detection blood tests using next-generation DNA sequencing. Later he worked as a senior crypto consultant, developing DeFi products for clients on the Ethereum and Cosmo blockchains.

Varderes Barsegyan

Varderes is an engineer with a diverse background in physics, computer science, aerospace engineering, bioinformatics, and blockchain technology. As the Co-founder and CTO of Maestro, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure for Cardano, he is trailblazing the way for the financial operating system of the world. 

Anastasia Labs
Anastasia Labs
Maestro Team
Maestro Team