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cardano-node typescript implementation


So far Cardano relies on a single implementation of the protocol (node); this is concerning under many points of view and is not something that can be solved directly by the founding entities.


We propose to implement a client cardano-node in typescript; opening the development of the protocol to typescript developers.

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The main proposer will be actively working on the proposal.

Michele (twitter: MicheleHarmonic) has a deep understanding of the Cardano protocol and most of the implementation details required for many projects; most of them are publicly verifiable through the Harmonic Labs' GitHub (Michele's company, dedicated to Cardano dApps & infrastructure development)

Before the start of the project, at least two new figures will be needed in order to start.

Harmonic Laboratories S.R.L. constantly receives applications from largely qualified engineers to work on the company's project; despite that so far Harmonic Labs hasn't had the capability to hire any of them, hence the reason for the missing profiles of the two required figures.

The figures to be hired would have to satisfy the following (minimum) requirements:

  • senior backend developer
  • 5+ years of experience in Typescript and server-side javascript runtimes (including, but not limited to: multi-threading, networking, file system, ...)

nice to have for the applicants are:

  • solid experience with UTxO-based ledgers
Michele Nuzzi
Michele Nuzzi
Harmonic Laboratories
Harmonic Laboratories