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Decentralized Minting | ADA Handle


The Handle Standard, the leading naming service on the Cardano blockchain, is going to migrate to a Decentralized Minting engine, powered by a Smart Contract, utilizing Merkle Tree data structures.


Utilizing Merkle Tree data structures, a cryptopraphic primitive, the Handle Standard will migrate the minting of Handles and subHandles to a fully decentralized Smart Contract-based technology.

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PapaGoose – Master Platform Engineer (25+ years experience)

With a wide-ranging career that includes a decade of fintech experience, PapaGoose has become a specialist in enabling developers to self-serve over the entire application lifecycle. Providing workflows, standards, and automations, from concept origin, through application and security design, to infrastructure management, including production deployment and maintenance cycles.

Recently exited TradFi, in favor of blockchain and now guides projects in the Cardano community. Currently holding an executive position at Kora Labs - with the intent to build out a standard for NFT-based digital identity.

Conrad Cordeiro – InfoSec and Infrastructure Engineer (20+ years experience)

Information Security and Infrastructure management are Conrad's expertise. For over 15 years he's been supporting companies from the financial sector and for the last 10 years running his own business in New York. Hedge funds and private-equity firms were his main focus before transitioning to Cardano.

Conrad operates BLADE, a top 10 Cardano stake pool, on MainNet and TestNet, with over 60M ADA staked. Conrad was elected as a SundaeSwap Scooper and selected as a Milkomeda C1 validator. Conrad is a Co-Founder at ADA Handle and works full-time in implementing The Handle Standard.

Goose – Co-Founder @ ADA Handle / CEO @ Kora Labs

With a near decade-long stint in commercial lending in Silicon Valley Goose has sourced, structured, and executed a number of high-profile loans to some of the largest tech companies in the world. Managing relationships with financial institutions, credit agencies, and competing financiers in order to provide the most cost-efficient, desirable and prompt loan lifecycles for clients has primed Goose for the fast-paced, community-focused, and technologically cutting-edge product management lifecycle that Web 3 has to offer. 

Big Irish Lion – Co-Founder / CTO @ Kora Labs / Master Platform Engineer (20+ years experience)

Big Irish Lion is a veteran developer, with over 20 years of experience with web and software development. Big Irish Lion is an Atala PRISM pioneer. Lion has hands-on experience building video-game platform and mobile applications. The Irish Lion is a server-less evangelist and is proficient with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.a

Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose
Papa Goose
Papa Goose