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Koios Evolution: Enhancements, Infra Support & Maintenance


Improve ease/costs to run a Koios instance, improve UX, reduce release timeframes and development allotment for feature enrichment and host/assist with ongoing costs of free public tier service


Various improvements to the Koios (elastic, open-source, scalable and distributed query layer for Cardano blockchain) tools detailed in proposal

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Our project team is composed of an assortment of people with a variety of talents and expertise. We work in an Agile environment, which allows us to quickly adapt and respond to changes. Here's a quick rundown of our team members:

Michael , Boris , Ola , Priyank , Greg

The roles shared between the members listed above:

  1. Project Leader: A visionary with years of blockchain experience, they will oversee the project, ensure it adheres to the plan, and coordinate team efforts.
  2. Blockchain Developers: Our skilled developers specialize in Cardano's Haskell-based development. They will upgrade CNTools and gLiveView, implement new features, and ensure optimal functionality.
  3. Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists: They will test the new features, ensure everything is working seamlessly, and fix any identified issues.
  4. Community Manager: As our bridge to the Cardano community, they will gather feedback, disseminate project updates, and organize testing sessions.
  5. Documentation Specialist: Responsible for creating user guides and documentation that detail the new features and how to use them.

Our team's unique expertise and collective passion to improving the Cardano ecosystem will ensure a successful project execution.

Koios Core Team
Koios Core Team