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MLabs – Congested Testnet


Congestion can cause longer transaction settlement times or even failures. Developers need a low-friction environment to test DApps under high traffic loads to mitigate risks.


MLabs will build a persistent testnet mimicking peak transaction volumes and complexity, and maintain it for 6 months aiming for eventual self-sustainability and community recognition and persistence.

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MLabs has quickly become one of the premier development firms in the Cardano Ecosystem. We are an IOG Plutus Partner and work regularly with IOG to develop the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. Our team is composed of talented developers who have helped build community projects such as:

  • Liqwid
  • SundaeSwap
  • Minswap
  • Indigo
  • Optim
  • Many others

Through our work with early-stage projects, we have one of the largest groups of Haskell/Plutus developers in the community.


Core Team

CTO and Head of Cardano Operations

Ben Hart

Ben Hart has worked in the fintech and blockchain world for more than a decade, specializing in functional programming, blockchain, and web technologies. Today, he is MLabs CTO and head of Cardano Operations. He offers strategic insight into more than a dozen ongoing projects and works with organizations across the Cardano ecosystem. He also has experience in implementing accounting software, web development, functional javascript, technical writing, and more.


Delivery Manager

Neil Rutledge

Neil serves as a delivery manager at MLabs and has been involved in the successful development and launch of multiple Cardano projects. His primary focus is on web development and he oversees the DevOps team. This gives him a unique perspective on integrating and hosting the various components that comprise the full stack of a Cardano DApp.

Before MLabs, Neil held a variety of roles ranging from software developer to product manager and has a decade of overall experience in the software development industry.