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Project Catalyst Funded Project PlayBook Revamp and Marketing/Community Project Support - SmartHubs


When new projects are funded in the Catalyst ecosystem there is not a lot of guidance on how to pivot your business forward and the proper steps to take for a successful funding experience.


Revamp the Funded Project PlayBook, and provide support to newly funded projects with technical and non-technical parts of the business setup process helping projects structure their plans to succeed.

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The team is already working together on various projects in the last six months. We have a complimentary experience as well as located in different timezones & cultures to be able to best fit the needs of companies. We are all aligned on values and dedicated full time to Cardano and Catalyst. We all have previous funded proposals as well as multiple proposals in fund 9. This specific proposal is focusing on mainstream activities we have already done in the last 6 months and will compensate for our time dedicated to the community in addition to the need to prepare the suggested documentation. As mentioned above this proposal is connected and part of a smart business hub model we are working on for Catalyst & Cardano.

Jo Allum: Designer, Impact Entrepreneur, Ecosystem builder 

  • Co-founder of a community-led coworking space, Entrepreneur Support Organisation (including incubation, acceleration programs) and a country-wide network of ESO's for Impact entrepreneurs. Contracted to support Angel Association New Zealand's Investor network and member of the committee of New Zealand's Open Source Society. CA F7, F6 Funded Proposer, Challenge Team member at Improve and Grow Auditability.

Cole Bartlett, Content Lead

Co-Author of Recalibrating Value, Identity & Impact Through the Blockchain Cardano Impact Report 2023 | Bachelors in Economics and Sustainability | Blockchain/Sustainability Researcher | Social Entrepreneur | Co-Founder of Impact Web 3 & Sustainable ADA | Positive Blockchain Contributor | Impact Measurement Expertise | US Director for Yagazie Foundation | Blockchain Learning Center Core Member | Co-Founder of Vermont Fishing | Decentralized Lead Generation | UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate | Photographer, Videographer, Editor | Content Creation 

Additional Activities by Cole:

  • Active Member of Cardano For Climate 

Nori Nishigaya, Tech lead

  • Founder of the Salmon Nation Decentralized Alliance (SANADA), Bridge Builders, and SAMON pool. Member of the Catalyst Circle Admin Team, Cardano4Climate, and Rapid Funding Challenge Team. Cardano Ambassador, CA, and Funded proposer. Passionate about radical inclusivity and community, and devoted to making Cardano the best community on the planet. Nori brings over 30 years of experience in software development, agile methodologies, leadership and managing teams, and founding and running technology startups.


Yoram Ben-Zvi, partnership lead

  • A social entrepreneur. In the last five years, Yoram is focusing on combining impact and business. A mentor with the international board, operations, and startup experience. Yoram is an active catalyst member, CA, and part of the Cardano4Climate community. In Addition, active in promoting the Catalyst and Cardano community to impact companies and networks to connect them to the ecosystem (i.e.   

Treasury Guild

Treasury Guild : offers a 1 to 1 accounting and treasury service to projects within the Catalyst ecosystem. Setting up and managing Project Wallets and the distribution of funds. Keeping track of all budget items and the exchange rate at which the funds were released to ensure that the budget is spent correctly. Including metadata in the transactions enabling future dapps to pull data and create dynamic tailor made dashboards & templates.   

More information could be found at:


Treasury Guild will set up the wallet for {Proposal}, 

Arrange ADA payments to Project team members, maintain budget records and record transactions in GitHub and Gitbook, 

Create Dework & Discord server & channel and gitHub action that sends transaction messages to channel


has 20 years of experience in managing finances and organising the business of NGOs and the University. He also worked as a Human Resources Manager (HRM). Joined the Catalyst Circle Admin team together with Andre as treasurer in Nov 2021. Currently he is recording, documenting and managing all transactions for CC Admin Team, Swarm, Cardano4Climate, Community Governance and Bridge Builders. LInkedin

Full-time on Catalyst and believe in providing value to the community and the growth of the ecosystem. We will probably return in the future funds. At the same time, we do hope to transfer the business hub model into a profitable unit center. We managed to do it already for a local hub in Geneva and the goal is now to do it in multiple locations.

Smart Hubs
Smart Hubs
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~ yojoflo ~
Nori Nishigaya
Nori Nishigaya