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Simple Node Sharing on Cardano


Initiating and configuring a Node can be a time-consuming task, presenting challenges especially during infrastructure transitions and for novice users or developers eager to experiment.


We will develop a toolchain to enable the sharing of the Cardano Node Socket between different machines over various channels (SSH,HTTP,UDP,etc).

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The project is spearheaded by the MuesliSwap Team, a group highly respected within the community for their successful delivery of innovative, high-tech solutions. They were the pioneers in launching the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Cardano, significantly ahead of any competitors.

Additionally they have already successfully concluded two projects that were funded under the Catalyst Fund 9, with the first of these projects being publicly accessible and fully operational. The team consists of a robust group of committed tech enthusiasts, possessing both the skillset and resources to see this project through to completion in a timely manner, ensuring the delivery of a high-quality product.

Each member of the MuesliSwap Team brings unique skills to the table, covering a broad spectrum of expertise necessary for a project of this scale. This includes developers specialized in Haskell and backend operations, front-end designers, project managers to oversee and coordinate the project, quality assurance personnel to ensure the high standard of the output, and community managers to maintain communication and gather feedback from the user community. Together, their combined experience and dedication make the MuesliSwap Team well-equipped to undertake and successfully complete this project.

MuesliSwap Team
MuesliSwap Team