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Sundae Labs Hydra Ledger-only Mode


Cardano developers need an affordable solution to maintain a Cardano ledger for transaction validation, essential for enabling development of more advanced protocols.


We propose a Hydra node upgrade to support a 'ledger-only' mode, disabling layer-1 and peer capabilities, enabling efficient ledger maintenance.

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The Sundae Labs Hydra Ledger-only Mode project work will be performed by the Sundae Labs team, housed and primarily based in the US, but with team members also located in Europe and South America.

Our CTO, Pi Lanningham (AKA @Quantumplation), is an active contributor to the Cardano ecosystem. He's an advisor on many large protocols, such as ADA Handle, Liqwid, and Atrium. He's been elected to the Indigo technical working group, gave three technical talks at last year's Cardano Summit, has recently hosted two community Voltaire workshops. He contributes broadly across the Cardano open source ecosystem.

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