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Catalyst Explorer dRep module: Directory, Community, Draft Ballots


dReps are coming to Catalyst, but there's no community tooling for managing off-chain interactions, communication & socialization. Fund 9 funded the infrastructure but not GUI/ Front Ends.


Expand the Catalyst Explorer to provide a home for dReps & their delegators to connect, co-create Draft Ballots, & discuss. The tool would also display dRep profiles & voting history for the public.

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This is the total amount allocated to Catalyst Explorer dRep module: Directory, Community, Draft Ballots. 2 out of 4 milestones are complete

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Distributed: ₳116,000
Remaining: ₳32,000
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Darlington is an engineer by day, at all times, a dancer, humanitarian, idealist, and entrepreneur. Darlington is a Cardano Ambassador, who contributes by writing articles, podcasting, hosting Twitter Spaces and live meet-ups. Darlington has deep knowledge about blockchain technology and broad experience in the Cardano ecosystem. Darlington have been helping and leading architecting and delivering of software solutions to small and medium size enterprises for the last 15+ years.

Darlington is the lead engineer and developer for the Catalyst Explorer, and this project.

**Ngong Road Blockchain Lab**

Our team at the Ngong Road Blockchain Lab in Nairobi, Kenya, helps with software development, research, translation, content creation, and marketing.

Developers at the lab work under Darlington to deliver on project tickets, while learning the ropes of coding for Web3 solutions.

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