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DReps LATAM - Brasil - Exploration & Community Sensing


The Cardano community don't have DReps representing the interests of the LATAM - Brazilian community.


We intend to create a body of Brazilian DReps and conduct research to identify the interests of the Brazilian community in order to identify how best to represent our community as DReps.

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Rodrigo - Facilitator in debates focused on Catalyst and governance, Project Management

Has participated as Veteran Community Advisor/Veteran Proposal Assessor/Reviewer Level2 and Moderator on Project Catalyst since Fund2. Mentorship of proposers in Catalyst. Participation in the development of guidelines and processes for quality assurance processes in the review stage of Catalyst. Former Cardano Ambassador Moderator. Economics, blockchain and DeFi research since 2018. Btech degree in Naval Construction. LinkedIn,Twitter.

Thiago Nunes - Facilitator in debates focused on tech

Cardano Ambassador with more than five years of track record together with Cardano Foundation and one of the pioneers in several initiatives in Cardano, including being one of the ITN SPOs running under Ouros ticker and one of the organizers at Cardano Rio as also Director of Operations at Cardano Warriors. Linkedin

Ático Mismana - Facilitator in debates focused on tech

Web3 Development, Software Development Technician (SENAI CIMATEC / Brazil) and Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science and Technology (UFBA / Brazil), has been a software developer since 2009, having worked with the programming languages: Delphi, Java, Python, JavaScript, C # .NET and C ++. Currently a programmer in innovation projects in the robotics area. Operator of the Cardanistas stake pool. YouTube CARDANISTAS pool

Cauê Chianca - Facilitator in debates focused on Catalyst and governance, Gitbook creation and maintenance

[ Ideascale, DeWork, Github and LinkedIn]

Caue is a well known community member, contributing in several projects, such as: Catalyst Swarm, Swarm ATH, Swarm-Press, CatalystBrasil, and single Stakepool Operator at BrazilPool.

Maria Carmo - Facilitator in debates focused on community expansion

Catalyst Fund 1 Pioneer, Former Cardano Ambassador, Education and content creation focused on community onboarding. SPO (CARDS pool). YouTube channel MariaCarmo369 | YouTube CARDANISTAS pool

Rodrigo Pacini
Rodrigo Pacini
Thiago Nunes
Thiago Nunes
Ático Mismana
Ático Mismana
Cauê Chianca
Cauê Chianca