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MLabs - Purus: PureScript to Plutus Core compiler


Cardano on-chain languages are either suboptimal (Plutus) or are too low-level (Aiken, Plutarch). We need a fully-featured functional language with good performance and script binary size.


Create a PureScript compiler backend for UPLC. PureScript has a strict runtime and almost all Haskell features. Some of the tooling can be reused.

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MLabs has quickly become one of the premier development firms in the Cardano Ecosystem. We are an IOG Plutus Partner and work regularly with IOG to develop the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. Our team is composed of talented developers who have helped build community projects such as:

  • Liqwid
  • SundaeSwap
  • Minswap
  • Optim
  • Many others

Through our work with early-stage projects, we have one of the largest groups of Haskell/Plutus developers in the community.

Core Team

Drazen Popovic

  • Full-stack Cardano distributed application (dApp) developer and auditor, working on several Cardano dApps that span Haskell, Purescript and Nix language environments.
  • Technical lead on the Lambda Buffers (also known as Cardano DApp Schemas) project funded by Catalyst Fund9.
  • Technical lead on the Cardano Open Oracle Protocol project funded by Catalyst Fund8.
  • Worked on decentralized protocols based on the Cardano blockchain including decentralized exchange, synthetic asset and oracle protocols, and programmable money.

Chase Maity

Chase is a polyglot software developer with expertise in Haskell and C. He’s interested in type systems, programming language design and performance optimizing compilers. At MLabs, he has worked on both on-chain Plutarch code and off-chain infrastructure; as well as providing technical specialist assistance on Plutus Core and its intricacies. Outside of MLabs, Chase spends time contributing to open source, and learning more about Haskell and type systems.

Sean Hunter

Sean is an engineer with extensive Cardano smart-contract development experience. He has implemented and audited multiple complex projects written in both PlutusTx and Plutarch. Sean's functional programming journey began as an offshoot of his academic interest in formal logic, and to this day he maintains a strong interest in type theory (with a special interest in row types and their applications).

Vladimir Kalnitsky

Vladimir is a software developer with a number of contributions to the PureScript ecosystem and solid experience with Haskell. During his undergraduate years, Vladimir focused on functional programming and type theory. Vladimir is more of a 'hacker' than a scientist, but he still values formal reasoning about code and well-founded software development practices.

Tomasz Maciosowski

Tomasz, a Haskell/Plutus developer, has gained experience through involvement in projects such as Clarity and Charli3. Additionally, he has made contributions to different infrastructure projects like ogmios-datum-cache and cardano-transaction-lib