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Smart Contract Vulnerabilities Game – Capture the Flag (CTF)


During our smart contracts audits on the Cardano network, we often find many easily-preventable vulnerabilities. It stems from a lack of good educational materials in the space of Cardano security. 


We will release open-source CTF challenges where developers and enthusiasts can exploit vulnerable smart contracts and learn about the most common security issues and how to prevent them.

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Smart Contract Auditing Team at Vacuumlabs:


Michal Porubský is the Lead Smart Contract Auditor at Vacuumlabs. As a founding member of the smart contract auditing and consultancy division, he specializes in providing expert consultation to find the optimal design of decentralized applications and conduct comprehensive Cardano smart contract audits to ensure their robustness and security. He previously worked for WingRiders, NuFi and in the traditional finance world.

Michal Sládeček is a Smart Contract Auditor, a security consultant and an ethical hacker with a very wide range of experience ranging from web exploitation to reverse engineering and cryptography. He is a holder of the OSCP certificate with experience in programming C++, C, Javascript and Python code, and a good theoretical background in algorithms. One of his biggest accomplishments is a bronze medal from the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

Michal Anderle, also a Smart Contract Auditor at Vacuumlabs, honed his problem-solving skills through competitive programming during his studies. His achievements include a bronze medal from the IOI, participation in the ACM ICPC finals, and organizing programming competitions. Currently, he teaches an algorithmic course at a university. In his role, he employs these skills to identify potential vulnerabilities, enhancing the efficiency and security of Cardano clients' products.

Michal Mesároš serves as a Business Analyst and a Sales Representative at Vacuumlabs' Smart Contract Auditors team. He brings experience from traditional finance and running his own business in immersive educational and fun activities coupled with his crypto knowledge gained at a company operating on global crypto exchanges.

Michal Porubsky
Michal Porubsky