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BitFins: Augmented Reality Mobile App For Displaying & Interacting With Digital Assets


Many users in blockchain currently don't have many ways to use the assets they purchase, if any.

Digital collectibles specifically on Cardano in general lack platforms supporting their use-cases.


We are building a mobile app through BitFins that allows users to design, view, and share augmented reality galleries of their digital assets anywhere they go. This would work for all standard assets.

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Tyler - Founder/CEO -

Proposal Project Role: Product management, feature planning, communication with each team member segment, minimal 3D asset design help, guidance on UI and marketing

Victor - 3D Envrionments/Asset Modeling -

Proposal Project Role: 3D asset design for NFT displays, objects for special items for users, general items for app elements to design with

Hookman - Game Dev/Blockchain Dev - 21 years coding experience, multiple Cardano projects experience in coding/dev work (

Proposal Project Role: Designing the app software, coding in the blockchain integrations/NFT support, porting user accounts over from web app to mobile app, bug fixing

Arnecke - UI/UX Designer - UI designer for Lending Pond V2, Trading Tent Website designer, 10 years in the creative design industry

Proposal Project Role: Designing UI/UX elements, user interaction menus, ease of access planning for minimally invasive app layouts

All team members are in-house and full-time when the funding is available to work on the proposal (the main UI/UX for the web app is almost complete, we are just revising for the mobile app now even before funding for initial concepts.)