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Lenfi V2 Aiken Audit + Bug Bounty


Cardano lacks a diverse list of open-source lending protocols compared to other ecosystems. This restricts user adoption because of the general uncertainty regarding smart contract security.


Lenfi will deploy a safe-to-use and battle-tested lending protocol on Cardano written in Aiken. The protocol smart contracts will be open source to promote ecosystem growth and build trust.

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Mantas Andriuska is the co-founder and currently one of the two Aiken smart contract developers on the team. He has appeared in several YouTube and Twitter Space interviews regarding the launch and development of the Aada Finance V1 - the first peer-to-peer lending protocol on Cardano.

Micah Kendall is a main Aiken Smart Contract Developer.

Lukas Armonas is a Digital Marketing expert and Project Manager of Lenfi/Aada Finance. He has appeared in several interviews and is responsible for the documentation, educational, and marketing part of the project.

Ovidijus Dargis is the Operations Manager responsible for creating and implementing business growth strategies to promote the project. He oversees various business activities like partnerships and public relations. 

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Lenfi Official