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Minswap Aiken V2 Audit


Minswap Labs is to release an open-source Version 2 of the DEX Smart Contracts with new features and throughput improvements. To ensure the highest security, two security audits are needed.


Minswap Labs is to release an open source V2 of the DEX AMM. Funding is required to contract two different firms to rigorously test and verify the security of the Smart Contracts before deployment.

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The Minswap DEX V2is to be built by Minswap Labs, a team of developers and DeFi natives mostly based in Asia and Europe.

The co-founder Long Nguyen has appeared in several interviews such as the following with the platform De.Fi

Minswap Labs built and open sourced the first version of the DEX after receiving Catalyst Funding in Fund 5, and it has since become one of the leading dApps in the Cardano DeFI ecosystem. 

The Minswap Labs team counts with the experience and motivation to continue building tools for Cardano for the long term.
Minswap Labs
Minswap Labs