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Nucast: Live-streaming Protocol Revolutionizes The Streaming Space


The current live streaming landscape (Twitch, Youtube, etc.) is hindered by centralized intermediaries, which restrict creators from directly monetizing their content and engaging with their audience


Build a live streaming protocol that empowers streamers to monetize their content and connect with their audiences directly through crypto-based tipped chats powered by smart contracts.

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Sricharan Ganta, CEO @ Nucast

Sricharan is a successful entrepreneur and business development strategist with over seven years of experience in business-driven roles and over four years of experience in the web3 domain. He has a successful track record of delivering innovative products on the Cardano Blockchain. As the CEO of Nucast, Charan is extremely passionate about community building and pioneering solutions. He currently leads a dynamic team of 15+ professionals at Nucast Labs. Additionally, he holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Central Missouri, USA.

Adnan Khan, COO @ Nucast

Adnan is an experienced professional in the web3 domain with a strong track record of assisting early-stage startups in building MVPs, managing communities, securing grants, and achieving scalability. His expertise lies in data analytics and web3 development, with a particular focus on on-chain analytics. 

Currently, Adnan serves as a research analyst at GravityX Capital, a prominent web3 institutional fund. He has actively collaborated with leading web3 ecosystems and startups such as dYdX, Polygon, Frontier, Bullieverse, among others. Additionally, Adnan is also a three-time Catalyst winner, having completed and closed all three proposals successfully.

Sam Jeffrey M, CTO @ Nucast

Building tech on Cardano for 3+ years. Worked as Plutus Consultant at Gimbalabs. Awarded the Presidential Award for Innovation 2021 by the Government of India.

Nucast Labs : Successfully built various scalable Cardano dapps. Nucast is proud to host a highly skilled and experienced development team of 15+ members with over 30 years of combined industry experience.