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Shinkai Visor Cardano Indexer integration (vector DB)


Despite the vast data on Cardano's chain, there isn't an efficient way to convert this info into a format that AI, specifically Large Language Models (LLMs), can understand and effectively query


We propose developing a Shinkai Visor connector for Cardano's data to convert this information into embeddings that LLMs can use for efficient querying, enhancing AI's interaction with Cardano.

About this idea


Project Manager: Coordinates project tasks, communicates with stakeholders, and oversees project progress.

Lead Developer: Oversees the software development and connector integration.

Blockchain Specialist: Handles all blockchain-related aspects of the project and ensures seamless integration with Cardano.

AI Engineer: Responsible for ensuring effective interaction between LLMs and the Cardano connector.

QA Tester: Conducts rigorous testing to ensure the functionality and reliability of the developed connector.

john Valdez
john Valdez
Sebastien Guillemot
Sebastien Guillemot