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Cardano Education for Ethiopian Universities


Lack of blockchain education and awareness in Ethiopian universities; bridging the knowledge gap and promoting Cardano adoption.


Blockchain & Cardano education initiative: seminars, workshops, and networking events to educate, empower, and foster adoption in Ethiopian universities.

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Goh Yeshitaw(Msc.): Project Coordinator

  • Lecture at Dilla University, DillaEthiopia
  • ICT Incubation Center Manager
  • Coordinate logistics for events, workshops, and networking activities.
  • Linkedln Profile: Goh Yeshitaw
  • Dilla University Contact
  • PO Box 419, Dilla, Ethiopia
  • Phone: +251 (46) 131 0001
  • Email: pirdir@du.edu.et

Eyasu Birhanu : Cardano Smart Contract Developer

  • Experienced in programming languages such as Plutus, Haskell, Lucid, Mesh and Marlowe to build and deploy smart contracts.
  • Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) Certificate 649c48006b7c38011005aeae
  • Responsible for smart contracts and blockchain education
  • LinkedIn Profile: EyasuBirhanu

Tihitna Tesfaye : Project Coordinator

Tihitna Miroche
Tihitna Miroche
Eyasu Birhanu
Eyasu Birhanu