F11: Voting Results

The Catalyst team would like to thank all proposers who have shown the courage to participate in Fund11. Hopefully, every participant was able to gain new experience and knowledge by being able to take part in another round of innovation. Regardless of the outcome, everyone is encouraged to re-apply again in the following fund should they not find a bit of luck this time around, incorporating all the lessons learned and feedback.


Enclosed are key terms and their corresponding definitions to enhance your comprehension as you navigate through the findings.

Which proposals received funding?

Votes have been tallied. Take a look at the proposals that are going to be funded by the Cardano Community. Many congratulations!

If your project was not selected, we always encourage you to re-apply again for the following fund.

  • Looking to audit and verify the vote? Find the relevant documentation on how to do it here.
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Unique Wallets
‘Yes’ Votes
Funds Requested