Last updated: May 23, 2024


Onboarding community-selected projects fosters accountability, showcases impact, and sets expectations. It involves proof of life meetings and milestone approval by community reviewers. This process guides project progress and demonstrates grant program value to the community.

For more information check our Onboarding Guide.

F11 total so far

2 funded proposals are already completed. Dive into the total milestones, comparing complete, in-progress, and to be completed milestones across this project set.

Total funds requested
$29,074,764 Converted in USD at the time of fund launch.
Distributed: ₳9,492,056
Remaining: ₳36,997,815
In Progress
To be completed
Idea journey
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Proposal submissionApr 29 - May 13Community reviewsMay 23 - Jun 20Community votingJun 27 - Jul 11Voting resultsWeek of Jul 15Project onboardingMid Jul - Aug