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Control your data - PRISM (extra)


Today, companies collect and use your data and (mis)use it for their benefit, targeting you at their discretion. However, People should control the use of their personal data and get benefit from it.


Consent-based data vault (D)app with integrated DID (PRISM), that record which companies access your data, allows you to permission it, and compensates you for your data & attention

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Privacy/Tech lawyer + Profila team of (20+) industry experts. Product bèta-ready, first POC of Atala Prism under development (fund 6 and 8); working with IOG PSG, privacy research team and Atala team. implementation by University of Madrid, big data institute.

Michiel Van Roey
Michiel Van Roey
Mikko Kotila
Mikko Kotila
Shawn Jensen
Shawn Jensen