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Rare Bloom Cardano Community Event


The Cardano community needs a large event for networking, marketing, and education. The events in our industry have a high cost for booths, and are not impactful for projects building on Cardano.


We're building an event for the Cardano community with a reasonable entry point that will allow the Cardano community to network, learn, and develop the protocols of the future on Cardano.

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Peyton - Founder of bigpey Cardano YouTube, Bloom, & Mycelial Gallery.

Wes - 10 yrs of experience in global tech sales.

Rand - 15 yrs of experience hosting live events.

Ben - 12+ yrs of design experience

Anthony - Founder of Bloom, Tokhun, and DripDropz.

Wes Parkinson
Wes Parkinson