How it works


Project Catalyst has funding rounds every few months, with a set amount of ada ready to allocate to ideas.

At the start of each Fund, the community has three weeks to submit proposals to answer challenges set in the previous funding round. Proposals are selected by community vote and funding is allocated to bring the projects to life.

Project Catalyst is currently between funding rounds, with the next Fund coming soon.


Each funding round begins with a set amount of ada and the challenges selected in the previous Fund. Challenges have a clear problem definition and metrics by which to judge success. They can cover a huge range of sectors, such as government, healthcare, insurance, identity, energy, real estate, security, and supply chain.


Project Catalyst is built on the ingenuity of our global network. Ideas can come from anyone, from any background, anywhere in the world. Proposal submission begins with collecting ideas and insights from our community on how to solve the challenges.


The community suggests ways to improve the proposals until they’re finalized. Our proposal assessors then evaluate and rate the proposals against impact, feasibility, auditability, and success metrics, based on the criteria of the challenge. They are rewarded in ada.


Ada holders can register to vote on proposals using the Project Catalyst voting app. Our proposal assessors' evaluations help community members to make their decision. Votes are anonymous and weighted depending on the amount of ada each voter has. Voters, proposal assessors and approved proposers receive their rewards from the Cardano Treasury.

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The chosen projects are awarded funding. This is a mix of new technical, business, creative, and community initiatives both within the Cardano ecosystem and the wider world.

Idea journey
See how an idea comes to life within Project Catalyst.