How it works

Project Catalyst has funding rounds every few months, with a set amount of ada ready to allocate to ideas.

At the start of each Fund, the community has three weeks to submit proposals to answer challenges set in the previous funding round. Proposals are selected by community vote and funding is allocated to bring the projects to life.

Proposal Submission
Project Catalyst is built on the ingenuity of our global network. Ideas can come from anyone, from any background, anywhere in the world. Proposers pitch their ideas to the community by submitting proposals onto the Catalyst collaboration platform.
Community Review
Submitted proposals are reviewed by the community, who are rewarded in ada to offer their opinions and evaluate and rate proposals against impact, feasibility, resources, value for money, and success metrics.
Community Voting

Ada holders register to vote using supported Cardano wallets and then vote on proposals using the Project Catalyst voting app. Votes are anonymous and weighted depending on the amount of ada each voter has. Voters base their decisions on the quality of the submitted proposal and the community's feedback during the community review stage.

Download the Project Catalyst voting app and check out the voting guide to learn how to participate.

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Vote Validation
Vote results are published along with on-chain data, which the community can use to validate the voter results. The transparency of the results, while maintaining the anonymity of the voters, ensures trust in the results and overall process.
Project Onboarding
Onboarding, community-selected projects foster accountability, showcases impact, and sets expectations. It involves proof of life meetings and milestone approval by community reviewers. This process guides project progress and demonstrates grant program value to the community.
Idea Journey

See how an idea comes to life within Project Catalyst.

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