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Wolfram: The AI Revolution and Implications to Project Catalyst


Dynamic advancements of large language models (LLMs) have changed the entire world in many ways. Proposal-based systems like Project Catalyst are now subject to the upsides and downsides of LLMs.


Our solution researches how individuals in Catalyst could employ an LLM assistant for improving proposals AND auditing to dramatically transform Catalyst resource management and effectiveness.

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Jon Woodard, CEO

Jon Woodard is the CEO at Wolfram Blockchain Labs, where Jon coordinates the decentralized projects that connect the Wolfram Technology ecosystem to different DLT ecosystems. Previously at Wolfram Research Jon worked on projects at the direction of Wolfram Research CEO Stephen Wolfram and prior to that was a member of the team who worked on the monetization strategies and execution for Wolfram|Alpha. Jon has a background in economics and computational neuroscience. He enjoys cycling in his spare time.

Jason Cawley, Wolfram Solutions

Jason Cawley has been with Wolfram Research for 22 years. His academic background is in the social sciences and analytic methods in the social sciences, including finance and economics, statistics, modeling and simulation. He worked on core Mathematica development in those areas, then worked on Wolfram|Alpha from its inception to public release, including most of its finance features. Jason was project architect and technical lead on various consulting projects for over the next decade. He has been the Director of Wolfram Solutions since 2020. Jason lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Anshu Manik, Wolfram Technical Consulting

Anshu Manik is a seasoned professional specializing in AI/ML software development, with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from UIUC. With over 14 years of experience at Wolfram Research, Anshu has honed their expertise in developing cutting-edge solutions using Data Science, AI/ML, process automation, and natural language processing. Anshu's innovative approach and deep knowledge of advanced technologies enable them to create impactful solutions for clients worldwide.

Onkar Singh, Project Director

Onkar Singh is a project director in Wolfram Solutions and has been with Wolfram Research for 18 years. He joined Wolfram Solutions in 2011 and has worked both as a developer and technical lead on numerous projects. He has led numerous consulting projects including custom Wolfram|Alpha deployments, and has vast experience in working closely with enterprise clients. Prior to working at Solutions, he worked in the technical support for several years and led the Technology Services Group where he helped customers with various Wolfram technologies. Onkar enjoys playing tennis in his spare time.

Johan Veerman, CTO

Johan Veerman is General Manager at Wolfram Research South America and CTO at Wolfram Blockchain Labs. Previously he has been Science Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Peru and Chief Scientist on two Antarctic expeditions. Johan's background is on physics and business management. He enjoys playing soccer and is a certified cave diver.

Steph Macurdy, Head of Research and Education

Steph Macurdy has a background in economics, with a focus on complex systems. He attended the Real World Risk Institute in 2019, lead by Nassim Taleb, and has been investing in the crypto asset space since 2015. He previously worked for Tesla as an energy advisor and Cambridge Associates as an investment analyst. Steph is a youth soccer coach in the Philadelphia area and is interested in permaculture.

Gabriela Guerra Galan, Project Manager

Gabriela Guerra Galan: Gabriela has 15+ years of experience leading projects. She is a certified PMP and Product Owner with bachelor's degree in Mechatronical Engineering, complemented by a master's degree in Automotive Engineering. As the co-founder of Bloinx, a startup that secured funding from the UNICEF Innovation Fund, she has demonstrated a passion for driving innovation and social impact.

Jesús Hernández, Principal Consultant

Jesús Hernández is a Principal Consultant with Wolfram Solutions. He has been with the company for ten years and is continually learning how Wolfram technology can be applied in new areas. He has a background in theoretical atomic physics. Jesús enjoys cooking, listening to almost all forms of music, and watching his favorite sports teams inevitably lose.

For additional services on this project, we will engage and collaborate with experienced members of the Wolfram Research team who have extensive expertise in LLM projects.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs
Wolfram Blockchain Labs
Steph Macurdy
Steph Macurdy
Gabriela Guerra
Gabriela Guerra