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Catalyst Completed Project NFTs


Catalyst Project Completion is critically important to the success of the experiment, but the current project completion experience is anticlimactic, unceremonious, & difficult to track and share.


Completed Projects mint custom "Project Completion'' NFTs via NMKR API & LidoNation Catalyst Explorer. Minting a completion NFT is a celebration, a ceremony, a shareable trackable community artifact.

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Lido Nation

We are Cardano enthusiasts and a growing collective of dreamers who believe in providing insightful education about Cardano in English, Swahili, and Spanish. Most online blockchain content is written by and for developers and finance geeks. We break down complicated technical ideas for everyday people, provide relevant news in quick bites, and build tools that everyone can use. Our website is a resource for anyone who wants to learn what Cardano is, why they should care, and how they can participate. We want to make these resources accessible to as many people as possible. We provide written, audio, and video content in multiple-languages and formats. We create practical, hands-on blockchain tools that help people learn by participating. For example, website visitors can earn $HOSKY tokens by taking our "Every Epoch" quiz and connecting their wallet. Sponsors get featured on the site by buying an NFT. Our Swahili Learn to Earn product allows Swahili-speakers to earn ADA as they learn about Cardano.

Stephanie is a Cardano Ambassador, artist, teacher and technologist, helping mission-driven organizations navigate and capitalize on technology. She applies her communication skills at Lido Nation by writing and editing articles and helping to organize ideas in a way that people can understand. She applies her art degree as Lido Nation’s in-house artist and NFT designer. Stephanie has participated as a key contributor on 5 completed Catalyst projects in past funds. For this project, Stephanie is responsible for project management, integration research, NFT design, project reporting, and marketing.

Darlington is an engineer by day, at all times, a dancer, humanitarian, idealist, and entrepreneur.

Darlington is a Cardano Ambassador, who contributes by writing articles, podcasting, hosting Twitter Spaces and live meet-ups. Darlington has deep knowledge about blockchain technology and broad experience in the Cardano ecosystem. Darlington have been helping and leading architecting and delivering of software solutions to small and medium size enterprises for the last 15+ years. Darlington is our Lead Developer, and also manages the developer apprentice team.

Ngong Road Blockchain Lab

Our team at the Ngong Road Blockchain Lab in Nairobi, Kenya, helps with software development, research, translation, content creation, and marketing.





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