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Eastern Town Hall Operation: Cardano & Catalyst Onboarding Platform for The Eastern Hemisphere


Adoption of Cardano & Catalyst in non-English speaking communities (e.g. Eastern Hemisphere) requires continuous customized approaches and insights that transcends language barrier.


  • Customizable modular onboarding framework (e.g. edu & business)
  • Integration of PPBL & Catalyst School
  • Localized Cardano & Catalyst documents libraries
  • Bi-weekly Online Meet-ups
  • Q&A forums for communities

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This is the total amount allocated to Eastern Town Hall Operation: Cardano & Catalyst Onboarding Platform for The Eastern Hemisphere. 5 out of 6 milestones are completed.

₳ 61,931
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Distributed: ₳ 51,274
Remaining: ₳ 10,657
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Execution manager

The tasks of this proposal are classified into the following 4 (four) areas and the following persons are responsible for each area (in alphabetic order) :

  1. Indonesia - Yan
  2. Viet Nam - Linh and Tien
  3. Japan - Yuta
  4. General manager - Mie

Team member (in alphabetic order) - (Telegram format @username)

  • Andreas Sosilo @andreassosilo - Indonesia : Cardano Foundation Ambassador for Indonesia, Cardano Indonesia community manager, Gimbalabs Indonesia Co-founder and educator, Eastern Town Hall Indonesia community manager and Indonesia room moderator, Software Developer
  • Andy Sibuea @zicozibu - Indonesia: IT and Blockchain educator, Eastern Town Hall member, Eastern Catalyst School educator, moderator and translator
  • Ha Nguyen @hanguyen122009 - Viet Nam: Proskill39 founder, Japanese translator and interpreter, Funded proposer, Project Manager, vPA, Blockchain researcher, Deputy Head of the Japanese Corporate Planning Department, Community moderator on Facebook for "Viet Nam ADA Cardano Community" : >5000 members, "Cardano ADA Viet Nam" : >47.000 members
  • Linh P @elpidanang - Australia: Dr Linh is Australia based, has completed his professional doctorate in information technology (DInfoTech), was a computer network and security consultant and turned to become an academic specialised in digital forensics and cybersecurity academic since 2004. He involves with Cardano Ecosystem and Project Catalyst in the following community roles: Fund 7 Challenge Team member for “Disarm cyber disinformation attacks”. Team Lead in Fund8 and Fund9 for “Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano” and Fund10 Team Lead for “Development & Infrastructure” challenges and Co-host and Moderator for Eastern Hemisphere Townhall since Fund 7.
  • Mie Tran @mie.tran.0407 - Viet Nam: Cardano Foundation Ambassador for Viet Nam , Eastern Town Hall host and Viet Nam room moderator, Funded proposer, Challenge Team member, Cardano Catalyst TV host
  • Tien @tienna - Viet Nam: Cardano SPO (VILAI), Cardano community activist since 2018, Funded proposer, Challenge Team member, Member of Plutus and Atala Prism Pioneer Program, Co-host for Eastern TownHall and Viet Nam room moderator.
  • Yan Tirta @yantirta - Indonesia: Cardano enthusiast who mainly drives the Indonesia and Eastern Hemisphere Cardano communities with passion, integrity and love. Yan is also a Co-host and Moderator for Eastern Hemisphere Townhall from the very early the team was established.
  • Yuta @yutazz - Japan : Cardano Foundation Ambassador for Japan, Catalyst Fund 2 & 7 Recipient, Certified Public Accountant, Eastern Town Hall member and Co-host for Eastern Townhall and Japanese room moderator.
Eastern Townhall
Eastern Townhall
Andreas Sosilo
Andreas Sosilo