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Reaching the Francophone Community in Ghana


There is a massive francophone community in Ghana who have no idea of Cardano Blockchain and Project Catalyst opportunities. They need to be exposed through education about the Cardano ecosystem.


The objective is to reach out to the francophone community, educate and create awareness of Cardano and the opportunities in Catalyst to enable them become active within the ecosystem.

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Faakor Fiadzigbey: main speaker for all 3 workshops on Cardano ecosystem and Project

Catalyst opportunities

Faakor has been part of the Cardano community since Fund 8 during which she was a Community Assessor (CA). She was also a challenge team member for the Grow Africa, Grow Cardano challenge in Fund 8 and a CA in Fund 9 as well. She is a Human Resources Management Practitioner by profession and speaks both English and French.

Telegram: @Fax660


Emelia Sarfo - Event organisation and logistics support

Emelia Sarfo is a member of the Cardano Community with two completed projects in Fund8 and Fund 9, Ghana Youth Onboarding Outreach 1 and 2. In private life she is a professional Human Resource Consultant with over 15 years experience in the Corporate field and has worked with many reputable Institutions in Ghana. She is also a trainer in hospitality and customer service satisfaction in Hotels in Ghana. In the Cardano Community, she is a very active member, CA for Fund 6, 7 and 8. PA for Fund 9. VCA for Fund 7 and VPA for Fund 9 with a good reputation. Currently a member of the Challenge Team for Fund 10 Startups & Onboarding for Students Challenge

Two other volunteers from the Wada community.

Emelia Sarfo
Emelia Sarfo