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Automation and Scaling of current funded Catalyst Developer Mentorship Program using Andamio learning management system and Cardano Blockchain capabilities


Mentorship programs for tech companies are very demanding in terms of human resource and time, limiting access for companies and the scale of programs available. 


A blockchain-enabled, project-based learning platform, that enables Dev’s and tech companies to access Edify’s proven, powerful suite of business mentoring tools and frameworks, at scale. 


Harry Hellyer Course Expert, Content Expert

Harry specialises in helping enterprises and organsations of all sizes and flavours, deliver scalable growth based around full-value based, impact innovation. He believes that Education should be delivered debt free - as a basic human right. And his focus is to support people to appreciate, attain and realise their full value. He has coached and mentored hundreds of leadership team members from small tech firms to global organisations, including Fellows at Cambridge University, and Imperial College London’s Education dept. For the last 18 months he has been actively involved in the Catalyst community, working with the Edify Colab team to deliver funded proposals around scalable exponential growth, in F7, F8 and F9.

Yoram Ben Zvi, Course Expert, Content Expert

Yoram has 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and business development, working with multinational teams. Since 2018, he has focused on helping impact-driven companies adopt technology solutions for community engagement, new business models, and social and environmental impact. Yoram is a cardano ambassador, active at Cardano4climate, New member onboarding challenge team, CA/VCA and overall very active in creating partnerships and onboarding companies to the Cardano ecosystem. 

Jude Ugwuegbulam

Jude help’s Coaches & Consultants digitise their customer journey and turn strategic ideas into business assets. Resulting in more leads, more sales and automated support. Helps Professional Practices (HR, Legal and Dental) struggling to implement and manage their data protection/GDPR compliance to gain clarity, control and, accountability.

Dr Julie King, Programme Advisor

Head of the Centre for Academic English, Imperial College London.

Julie is an educationalist and head of Imperial’s world renowned CfAE, and long time Edify client. Experienced at building and providing education modules internationally, delivered both asychronously and synchonously for students and Academics. Julie will overses the process of adapting our course content successfully into the LMS envisonment and Andamio platform

Roberto Mayen-Hess, Andamio project lead 

Roberto is a Business and Innovation Manager and brings a diverse skill set to the project encompassing software development, business, program management, and law. Roberto’s experience with early stage startups in Latin America allows him to offer a unique perspective on problem-solving and driving innovation. He’s also involved in leading efforts to bring Cardano to spanish-speaking communities through initiatives like Cardano Sin Tecnicismos and the Spanish translation of the Plutus Project-Based Learning program.


M.Ali Modiri, Andamio Smart Contract Developer

is a versatile individual with experience in Mechatronic studies and a background in the Iranian young mathematics association. With a cybersecurity background as a malwares analyst and penetration tester, he excels at addressing digital threats. Ali's programming proficiency spans from low-level languages like Assembly and C to high-level languages like Golang and JavaScript. As a proud student of Gimbalabs, he specializes in Plutus smart contract development for blockchain projects. He contributes to the Cardano community as a member of the Cardano Certification Group and an author of CIP 96, while his ultimate passion lies in helping humanity transcend its current struggles.


James Dunseith, Project advisor

James is a Teacher, Coach, Smart Contract Developer and Facilitator with extensive experience in creating engaging learning experiences and facilitating problem-solving. James has successfully implemented project-based learning and mastery-based grading methodologies. Additionally, he has contributed to developing, creating resilient and reusable components. James leveraged his expertise in learning design and community engagement for this project.



Andamio Team
Andamio Team