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Consenz: Community Consensus Measurement & Optimization


Forming consensus in large communities is essential for building trust and allowing collaboration, but it is hard to measure and to be standardized.


Consenz is Agreement Building Platform. It uses the "consensus-meter" - an algorithm for consensus calculation. We wish to open-source its code to invite researchers and developers to optimize it.

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Consenz founder and project manager: Aharon Porath, a techno-social entrepreneur, worked with governmental and municipal agencies, a work that includes promoting legislation. Since 2011, Aharon has been involved in a few tech and non-tech ventures to develop consensus-based decision-making methods and platforms for distributed public participation goals.

Aharon has 7 years of experience as a project manager of web platforms and apps, among them - "Open Committee", a web app that enables environmental activists, NGOs and citizens to participate in the decision-making process of Israel's planning department, funded by the government's Israel Innovation Authority.

Research: Dr. Nimrod Talmon - a researcher consulter at the intersection of game theory and crypto, in particular computational social choice, mechanism design, and cryptoeconomics for decentralized governance.

Product Manager: Erez Feigenberg, "MVP HOUSE Founder", Providing product management services, Software and applications planning and design.

Marketing: Rotem Rosensweig

Experienced Product Marketer, leading strategic products & teams in fast-paced environments.

With a background in creative and marketing, I create stickiness & growth by innovative strategy and deep understanding of businesses and users.

Specialties: Product Marketing • Branding & Identity • Web Accessibility • Growth • Non-Profits • Art Directing • Public Speaking

Community and Social media management: Elias Aires

Design and Development: Sofi is a software cooperative that provides solutions for municipalities, universities, startups, well-established companies, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

The coop model relies on decentralized, consensus-based decision making, as well as total influence and wage equality for all present and future members.

UI Designer: Tzur Sherzer. After managing a big design department, Tzur has joined the team as a lead designer, and is dedicated to the challenge of making the advanced deliberative democratic discussion interface accessible for people from all communities and backgrounds.

Developers Head Team: Yonatan Yatuv

Software Architects and Developers: Aviran Katz, Nadav Moreno. With vast experience from dozens of projects, Aviran and Nadav will be leading the development team, with the backup of the entire Sofi development department, as well as external developers.

Scientific Advisor: Kenric Nelson, Ph.D.

Scientist Engineer Educator * Executive | Photrek

Innovative leader in the research, development, and deployment of systems for complex decision-making. Proven record of creative research, team building, and customer-focused development spanning materials, electro-optic devices, signal-processing algorithms, and AI/ML decision systems.

Cardano experience includes initial investment in 2017, ITN stakepool operator, F4 Diversify Voting Influence, Catalyst Circle v2 representative for Community Advisors, F7 Community Governance Oversight, and Forecasting Cardano Native Tokens.

Aharon Porath
Aharon Porath