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Expanding the Cardano C++ SDK: libcardano


Cardano has a relatively new modern C++ SDK that seeks to expose Cardano to one of the largest developer communities; however, libcardano does not yet provide stake pool cryptographic functionalities.


We propose to add the following capabilities to libcardano:

  • Certificates (certificate generation and CBOR serialization)
  • VRF keys (including signature and verification)
  • KES keys
  • Cold keys

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The Viper Science team members are:

Dylan Crocker, PhD: Engineer & developer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylan-andrew-crocker/)

Dylan is an Electrical Engineer with experience in antenna and radar system design as well as software development. He earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science, from Georgia Tech. His PhD research focused on ultra-wideband antenna design. Dylan got started building in the Cardano ecosystem when running a stake pool during the Incentivized Testnet in 2019. His most recent work includes an open source implementation of Cardano primitives written in modern C++.

Willie Marchetto: Engineer & developer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/willie-marchetto-2268aa266/)

Willie is a computer & astronautical engineer experienced in designing, developing, integrating, & deploying electronics and software for satellites, embedded devices, and traditional compute systems. His technical contributions span the areas of high-performance computing, web application development, DevOps system administration, satellite electronics design, embedded systems software/firmware, and machine learning algorithm development. Willie has been an active Cardano developer and stake pool operator since 2019 and is currently the chief engineer for research & development at an aerospace engineering contracting company.

Viper Science
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