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Oxford University student hub ‘CardanOx’ events and student onboarding


Educating students about Cardano in a way that can enrich their lives. With Oxford being such a research heavy institution, the principles of Cardano aligned incredibly with the university. 


We will run Cardano events for University of Oxford students and researchers (including postdocs).

We have been operating successfully as a Cardano student hub for over a year now.

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Nishen Menerapitiya

University email address: nishen.menerapitiyagedon@bnc.ox.ac.uk 

Oxford University Engineering Science Senior Student (Progressing to 4th year)

Oxford University Blockchain Society CardanOx work stream treasurer.

CardanOx Gimbalabs Plutus Scholar.

PA on Fund9

@Quantum_black on Telegram

Lead organiser of incubator and recruiter of talent

Adaku Agwunobi

University email address: adaku.agwunobi@phc.ox.ac.uk 

Postdoc, University of Oxford

Dr Adaku Agwunobi is an Entrepreneur and Postdoc at the University of Oxford, she is also an Early Career Research Fellow at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) as well as a Research Associate at Wadham College. Dr Agwunobi was the first Black doctoral researcher to obtain a PhD at Loughborough University London, where her PhD focused on Entrepreneurial Health and Wellbeing in the Digital Economy, using Intersectionality as a Theoretical Lens. She has two Masters degrees: an MSc Health Economics and MSc Marketing (with Distinction). Additionally, her first degree was BSc Economics. She is a highly motivated individual with 4 degrees and a diverse background in technology, digital economy, fashion, music and health economics. Adaku did her first Postdoc at the University of Oxford within the Department of Engineering Science, working on orthopaedic clinical tooling to improve quality of life. She is passionate about exploring tech from all angles and has also successfully launched creative projects such as concerts where she educated local communities on web3 and music NFTs. She has also been president and active committee member of several student societies. also volunteered at her local youth centre for 10 years teaching dance to young people and adults. Part of 2 previously Project Catalyst funded proposals (fund 7 and fund 8) for CardanOx.

Simon Sallstrom

Mphil Economics graduate, University of Oxford

Founder and CEO, DirectEd Development Foundation, with several open-source contributions to the Cardano ecosystem including NFT gating, wallet-connect and two general-purpose smart contract primitives. PA and vPA in Catalyst F6-F9. Chair, Cardano RealFi Consortium Spring 2023. Workstream lead at Oxford Blockchain Society. Founder, Oxford Cardano Student Hub. Speaker at NFT.NYC, with ADAgurl, Chadi, Finley. 5 completed Catalyst proposals, 3 pending completion (2 for CardanOx). Most recent close-out:



DirectEd Development Foundation

Simon Sällström
Simon Sällström