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Protecting Indonesia’s ecosystems - home to 1 % of the Earth's land area and rainforests with 10 % of the world's known plant species, 12 % of mammal species, 17 % of all known bird species.


Indonesia is the 5th largest CO2 emitter globally. A large share of this pollution is related to deforestation, which must and can be reversed.


Proof of Impact NFTs in partnership with Rimba - Indonesia and France based nonprofit, to deploy resources and support for measurable positive impact in Indonesia.

Total to date

This is the total amount allocated to Protecting Indonesia’s ecosystems - home to 1 % of the Earth's land area and rainforests with 10 % of the world's known plant species, 12 % of mammal species, 17 % of all known bird species.. 1 out of 3 milestones are completed.

₳ 35,000
Total funds requested
Distributed: ₳ 21,000
Remaining: ₳ 14,000
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Team Info:

RIMBA Non Profit:

Rimba non-profit organisation was created under the French law of 1901 and established in 2012

It is designed to protect Indonesia’s biodiversity while raising awareness and involving local people in our projects.

Our actions are part of a global project for the preservation of forest and marine ecosystems through a socio-environmental approach that revolves around several field of action combining environmental protection and assistance in the development of local communities.

Indeed, we believe that the protection of the environment can only be done with the support and participation of the local communities. Conversely, helping local populations also contributes to protecting their natural resources.

Impact Web3 & Sustainable ADA

Cole Bartlett and Razali Samsudin Co-founded Sustainable ADA and Impact Web 3, and have been shaping it into what it is today.

It all started with the initial idea for Sustainable ADA back on April 20th of 2021 (Sustainable ADA 2021). Together, we co-founded it in June of 2021. We have backgrounds, professional experiences, and knowledge in education, economics, sustainability, and how blockchain technologies can be harnessed for good.

Cole Bartlett:

Co-Author of Recalibrating Value, Identity & Impact Through the Blockchain Cardano Impact Report 2023 | Bachelors in Economics and Sustainability | Blockchain/Sustainability Researcher | Social Entrepreneur | Co-Founder of Impact Web 3 & Sustainable ADA | Positive Blockchain Contributor | Impact Measurement Expertise | US Director for Yagazie Foundation | Blockchain Learning Center Core Member | Co-Founder of Vermont Fishing | Decentralized Lead Generation | UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate | Photographer, Videographer, Editor | Content Creation 

Additional Activities by Cole:

  • Member of SmartHubs and Founding member of P-Gen. The decentralized partnership generation model was designed by Cardano community members and first funded through Project Catalyst in Fund 8.
  • Active Member of Cardano For Climate

Razali Samsudin: Editor | Lead Author | Subject Expert | Partnerships

Co-Founder of Sustainable ADA, Impact Web3, Streets of ADA - A Samsudin Brothers Projek

15 years of experience as an interdisciplinary Educator from early years settings to postgraduate level, with a background in social sciences, humanities, and sustainability.

Author, Writer, Editor, Digital Economy, Blockchain, Sustainability and Impact Measurements, Researcher (Research Lead Connecting SDGs to Project Catalyst and lead on the SDG Proposer Tool and SDG Search Tool with Cardano AIM #Blockchain4Good, #Cardano4Good, #NFT4Good). Social Entrepreneur, Catalyst Proposal Mentor.

Wada UN SDG and Education Coordinator, Contributor at Cardano AIM, PositiveBlockchain, Cardano4Climate, Catalyst School, Adafilms.

My wife Sarah is Indonesian and as such we visit Indonesia often. Having lived and worked in Indonesia, with a stint in the Forest Team of Greenpeace Indonesia during the height of the forest fires and first campaign of President Joko Widodo, and having stayed at Rimba for weeks at a time, I have an intimate knowledge of the local context and evolution over the past 10 years.

Catalyst Journey:

We joined Project Catalyst, Cardano’s decentralized innovation fund, during fund 4. After applying and learning from both funds 4 and 5 along with lots of support from Cardano community members and teams, we were able to construct a strong proposal together that focused on our goals and ambitions for Sustainable ADA, and the Cardano community’s goals. We submitted a proposal focused on helping Grow Cardano, and Grow Africa.

With this funding, we had more capacity to focus on researching and sharing stories from change-makers in Africa and the diaspora, who are engaging with Cardano, creating a better tomorrow, today. 

Thanks to the Cardano community and the use of their voting power from holding and staking ADA, we successfully secured the funding we were seeking. This helped us to take significant steps towards fulfilling our vision and mission having secured these crucial and helpful funds.

Through our time in the Project Catalyst ecosystem, we have been able to create a lot of strong and exciting partnerships with projects and businesses all across the world. This has led us to develop new ambitions for the work we do and to expand beyond education.

More about the projects we have been involved in:

Experience and Expertise 

The Sustainable ADA team has experience working with Figma, Canva, Wix, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve 17, Adobe CC, Microsoft Products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc).

Sustainable ADA has experience and backgrounds in Sustainability, Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences. Along with work with NGOs, Social Enterprises, Freelance journalism, and blogging. 

The team has been a part of the Cardano ecosystem since 2020 and is very dedicated to the Cardano ecosystem. We created Recalibrating Value, Identity & Impact Through the Blockchain: Cardano Impact Report 2023”.

The team also has undertaken the first of its kind Cardano Impact Report. 

The Cardano Impact Report is a comprehensive publication that aims to capture and showcase the positive impact generated by the Cardano community. It is designed as a book NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to leverage the unique features of blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity, transparency, and immutability of the content.

Partners, advisors and supporters:

Dr Mihaela Ulieru - Chief AI Alchemist SingularityNET | Former Head of Strategic Impact at IOG

Alex Ross - Talk to Loop Lead | Former International Director of Programs and Partnerships at British Red Cross

Sunny Basra - CEO of SoundRig

Affendi Samsudin - Co-Founder at Streets of ADA - A Samsudin Brothers Projek team

Alain "Fusion" Clapham - FRSA | Curator | Educator | Public Speaker | Facilitator

The self-professed ‘Transformative Storyteller’ has presented shows for MTV and Sky, hosted events at Wembley Arena, interviewed the likes of Beyoncé, Dr Dre and Marvel-mastermind Stan Lee, and shared his story on the TED stage.

An experienced public speaker, educator and creative producer, he is now a lead facilitator for YouTube, empowering thousands of young people to become better Internet Citizens, and helps award-winning CEOs discover their own stories of transformation.

The driving force behind creative currency initiative #IITSPIRATION and founder of BMT and BWT – an immersive live experience celebrating the ‘awesome everyday’ stories of black men and women - Alain takes on all challenges with irrepressible energy, curiosity and a desire to get to the heart of the matter.

Sarah Margono-Samsudin | International Development Practitioner - Education for Sustainable Development Section@UNESCO and Secretariat Member of Mission 4.7 Organisation -

Fabrizio Shao - Adaptive Athlete | Disability Advocate | Web3 Brand Ambassador - Cardano Summit 2021 Keynote Speaker

Affendi Samsudin
Affendi Samsudin
Sustainable ADA
Sustainable ADA
Impact Web3
Impact Web3