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Clarity DAO Infrastructure Liquid Democracy Capability


Without vote delegation, users in Clarity DAOs lack the ability to delegate their voting power, limiting their participation and hindering efficient decision-making.


Enhance the Clarity Protocol by introducing a user-friendly vote delegation feature, enabling efficient and flexible voting power allocation.

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The Clarity Protocol represents a collaboration between two esteemed entities, Clear Contracts and MLabs. Our team comprises talented individuals who possess a diverse range of expertise and a shared commitment to delivering on this proposal. Allow us to introduce the key members and outline their qualifications:

  1. Logan Panchot: As a co-founder of Clear Contracts, Logan spearheads business development efforts. His deep-rooted belief in the significance of decentralized governance and finance fuels his dedication to creating transparent and resilient organizations operating on decentralized systems. Logan recently completed his studies at Stanford University, majoring in Science, Technology, and Society with a concentration in innovation and organization.
  2. Justin Schreiner: Serving as a co-founder of Clear Contracts, Justin brings his extensive experience in UI/UX development to the team. With a full-stack development background, he possesses a solid track record of successfully delivering Cardano dApps over the past two years.
  3. Matt Laux: Joining Clear Contracts as an Engineer, Matt assumes responsibility for smart contract and front-end integrations. His proficiency as a full-stack developer has been instrumental in various projects, including the creation of a lightweight snapshot voting app for Cardano Projects and the Clarity Protocol. Matt has been an invaluable addition to the team, contributing his expertise for the past eight months.
  4. Tomasz Maciosowski: Leading the Plutus development efforts for the Clarity team, Tomasz boasts over a year of experience as the Plutus lead on the project. With a robust background in building on Cardano and two years of experience in the field, Tomasz plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and innovation of the Clarity Protocol.

Together, this skilled and dedicated team combines their expertise in business development, UI/UX development, smart contract integration, and Plutus development to drive the implementation and delivery of the proposed features. With their collective experience and passion for decentralized systems, the team is poised to bring the Clarity Protocol to fruition and advance the future of decentralized governance and finance.

Clear Contracts
Clear Contracts